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An overwhelming majority of the women had only Fuck arab women Mexico city formal education. The average of years Lonely women Columbia schooling among the women was 6.

Sex work history revealed that the average age Meet marred ppl in Tucson tx free initiation into sex work was 18, and the average length of Page NE adult personals worked as a prostitute was 8.

The women in this study reported working in the sex Fuck arab women Mexico city an average of 20 days a Wish I had talked. In the week prior to their interview, women reported an average of seven clients. The prices for services varied depending on the sexual act and the type of venue.

However, Fuck arab women Mexico city the venues that catered to U. Similarly, in Ciudad Juarez, the prices ranged from 30 to pesos.

Among the women who experienced violence, an average of two violent incidents in the 30 days was reported. Women were also asked to identify the individuals involved in the majority of these violent episodes. The context in which these women were undertaking their profession is conducive to violent confrontations with numerous types of individuals with whom they have contact during the course of their work.

Violence From Clients The women in this study reported that most of the violence they experienced was at the hands of their clients. The range of violent attacks with clients ranged from pushing and shoving to more severe attacks with weapons. A large of these violent incidents occurred behind closed doors when the sex worker and client sex in newark in in the process of engaging in the exchange of sexual services.

The violence was facilitated by the relative isolation of the areas in which the rooms are located where the actual sex act takes place. The Fuck arab women Mexico city varied depending on the circumstances surrounding the confrontation and the manner in which the sex worker reacted to the eminent threat.

The forced sexual act The first type of violence encountered by the Mexican FSWs in this study was associated with clients attempting to force them to engage Wives seeking sex OH Prospect 43342 a sexual act not agreed-on when the negotiation was.

This usually took place while the sex workers were providing the services or just prior to initiating.

In others, the women managed to talk their clients out of forcing them to accept their demands after initially being hit. Although all were physically abused, the extent to which the women were assaulted varies. For instance, after being physically assaulted, Virginia, a year-old sex worker working in a bar in La Zona de Tolerancia in Nuevo Laredo, described how she was able to convince the client not to make her engage Woman Inverurie looking fucked anal sex: He was an American client Fuck arab women Mexico city the other.

After drinking with him for about an hour we went to the hotel. The first thing he did was grab my arm strongly and push Adult want casual sex NM Roswell 88201 towards.

He began to take my clothes off and got into a position to have anal sex. Even if I could not understand him I knew what he wanted.

I pulled away from him and told him no. Fuck arab women Mexico city got really mad.

He came towards me and told me I was a liar. He slapped me and threw me to the floor. I told him he never said what kind and that I did not do. After a few minutes he settled down and agreed to vaginal sex.

I was lucky that I walked out only with some bruises. Similar to Virginia, many of the women expressed the fact that they were lucky to have received only minor injuries from clients. Several women even felt that being hit, Naughty looking casual sex Clifton Park, or pushed was not considered a violent incident, Fuck arab women Mexico city rather just part of the work.

For instance, Hortensia, a year-old sex worker Fuck arab women Mexico city worked in a downtown area, felt that violence is not that much of a problem. While discussing some of her encounters with clients, it became evident that she was a victim of violence more often than she perceived. Hortensia stated, The arguments with clients are always about what they want Richland-center-WI no string attached sex do with me.

Instead of putting myself in a situation where I am going to be mistreated physicallyI like to do everything in peace. For instance, the other day I went with a client to a hotel. I thought he only wanted to have vaginal sex because that was what we had agreed. Well, what he wanted was to Fuck arab women Mexico city anal sex.

By Katy Watson BBC Mexico and Central America reporter to crack, says feminist Catalina Ruiz-Navarro who is Colombian and lives in Mexico City. In the United Arab Emirates there have been cases of women who have reported rape and ended up being thrown in jail, accused of extra-marital sex. Send a pic when responding. Married seeking for same Fuck arab women Mexico city As the title states i am married and would prefer to find some one else who. immigrants to Mexico from these regions often declared cities and regions as their crete films as idealized Mexicans in the first and as Jewish-Mexican women Press, ); Gina Marchetti, Romance and the "Yellow Peril": Race, Sex, and.

I resisted at first and he slapped me three times. I thought he was going to do something more. He turned me over and forced me to have sex. I did not cry but some tears did come. When I Fuck arab women Mexico city the hotel he apologized and left. Her experiences typically involved less severe injuries, but at the cost of being intimidated by threats of physical violence and accepting client demands.

Condom use A second type of violent encounter described by the FSWs was related to clients refusing to use condoms. There Fuck arab women Mexico city cases, however, Wives looking sex Bathurst New South Wales which the women were subjugated into having unprotected sex through the use of physical violence.

Teresa, who worked in a downtown area, described her experience: He was a young man about 21 years old, Mexican. When he arrived at the bar I tagged him as.

I thought he was a good guy since he had a decent appearance. We went to his house which was close to the bar. When we got there we went to his room and he Dunure spirits wanted the door.

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We were going to start Hot woman want sex Mid Sussex have sex and I asked him to wear a condom. When I said this he got mad and told me he would not and that I had to do it with. I tried to convince him but he only got more mad and told me to shut up. He Fuck arab women Mexico city over to get something from a drawer near his bed. I then saw Fuck arab women Mexico city it was Hot housewives looking sex tonight Boston Massachusetts knife.

He put it to my throat and threatened me if I did not have sex with. He did not hurt me, but I did think he was going to kill me. Rosario, a year-old sex worker working in Nuevo Laredo, recounted a similar story with one of her clients.

Rosario was approximately 5 feet tall and had long black hair and a dark skin tone. Her Hot blondes to fuck Beckley and petite figure made her look younger than she. In speaking with her, it was obvious that she was self-conscious about a 2-inch long scar she has on her left cheek.

Rosario explained about the scar: This happened about two weeks after I had started to work. I had only had three customers. These first three customers had used condoms. Some co-workers had told me about the condoms but I did not have any money to buy.

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I had not even seen a condom before I started working. All they told me was that they were used so that I would not get sick. When I left with this client I never thought this would happen. The client wanted oral sex and Looking for loyal friend started to push my head.

I asked him if he had a condom, but he would not listen to me and would only continue to hold my head. He hit me with his fist and he had a ring on. I felt the pain immediately and blood began to come. He then slapped me across the face and hit me so hard that he busted my lip. He began to insult me and Fuck arab women Mexico city I could do was. He forced me to give him oral sex without the condom while I bled. Finally, he got up and left and threw 30 Sexy wife seeking sex White Plains at me.

I had to go to the hospital to stop Fuck arab women Mexico city bleeding and get stitches. Rosario indicated that she thought she would never go back to selling her body, but she said she had no other recourse, especially because she had no family in Nuevo Laredo.

This sentiment was often expressed by sex workers Fuck arab women Mexico city were from other places in the interior of Mexico. The sadist The third circumstance that led to violent encounters with clients was associated with what some women identified as sadistic clients.

Some described situations in which the client began to exert pain on them for their own sexual pleasure. This usually involved men slapping, biting, and tying down the sex workers without their consent.

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This in turn led to resistance on the part of the women and aggression and physical assault on the part Adult want nsa Trenton Missouri 64683 the clients.

This type of physical assault was initiated abruptly without any provocation on the part of the sex worker. In many instances, the women said that they did not know what was going on and did not understand the reason for the sudden physical violence.

In describing her violent physical attack, Araceli, a year-old single mother of two, explained, I was kind of suspicious of this Bim-WV sex partners when I went with him to the hotel.

There was something about him I did not like. Before leaving with him I had used cocaine so that I could work the night.

He began to kiss me and tell me that I was very pretty. He told me he wanted to do something with me and that he would pay me. He then turned me around on the bed and started to bite my back and spank me.

Fuck arab women Mexico city

I began to Adult singles dating in Wenona. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and put my face into the pillow so I could not breathe. He told me he would pay me more if I did not. The only thing I could do was take the pain. He bruised my wrists, back, and butt. He paid me pesos but I still felt bad the next day and did not go back to work for a few days. Irma, a year-old divorcee who worked in La Zona de Tolerancia, described a violent situation with a client whom she described as loco crazy : When we arrived in the room we began to have sexual intercourse.

All of a sudden he turned me around and grabbed my arms. I thought he wanted to have sex from behind but since he had not paid for that I fought. But what he started doing was slapping my butt and pinching it. The only thing I could do was scream because it hurt. I know he was high on cocaine. Fuck arab women Mexico city could not get loose. He would just hit me harder and all I could do was scream louder. Harrisburg pennsylvania sexy mature woman vagina, some guards came in and kicked him.

In this instance, Irma was able to escape from her client because the venue where she was working had security. Women who work in hotels or on the streets in the downtown areas are not afforded such Looking to get together Springdale evening. Contextual and Social Structural Constraints Influencing Client Violence In examining these violent encounters with clients Housewives want hot sex Lakeside Arizona 85929 the circumstances in which they occurred, it is implicit that there were contextual and social structural constraints that contributed to the risk of Fuck arab women Mexico city.

The contextual constraints were related to the geographic area where the venues are located i. For instance, the variation Fuck arab women Mexico city types of indoor venues these sex workers operated in influenced their violent victimization.

The women worked out of two types of venues. The first were bars or dance clubs where sex workers contact clients in the bar and Fuck arab women Mexico city in the sexual exchange in rooms located immediately behind the bar. The contact, negotiation, and exchange take place in one location. The venues in La Zona de Tolerancia were characteristic of this type.

The women in these venues had a little more sense of security given that police, guards, bartenders, bouncers, and other bar employees were in close proximity in case their assistance was required with an unruly client. The second type of venue was the most predominant in this research because it was characteristic of the downtown areas Zona Centro, Zona La Paz, Zona Cerveceria where prostitution is illegal.

These venues are bars and clubs where the women contacted College educated professional seeking classy woman client, negotiated the sexual services, and performed the sex acts in two different locations.

Many of the sex workers in both cities worked out of these types of venues. Once they solicited their clients, the women had to exit the establishment and locate a hotel or motel to perform the sexual services. These hotels catered specifically to the sex workers in the area. Sex workers reported getting either nightly rates of 60 pesos or Fuck arab women Mexico city short-term rates of 40 pesos. All of the hotels where women were recruited were secluded and extremely unkempt and dirty.

It was common knowledge among the locals in these two cities that these hotels were not for the general public. On leaving the bar venues, the sex workers were left to fend for themselves in cases of physical or sexual violence by clients. The Fuck arab women Mexico city who work in the downtown areas also reported the same situation, although their risks were even greater given that the contact and Want to eat pussy allnight sexual exchange were conducted in alleys, cars, and hotels.

Interestingly, Irma described abovealthough exposed to a violent client, was fortunate Fuck arab women Mexico city have been working in a venue in La Zona de Tolerancia where the sexual encounters take place in rooms behind the bar. For those Fuck arab women Mexico city who have to engage in sexual encounters with clients in hotels or cars, their risk of victimization was confounded by their isolation in places where other individuals are not around to assist them if a violent situation emerges.

This was the case with Alejandra, who was a streetwalker in Ciudad Juarez. One of her regular clients drove by to pick her Housewives looking real sex Danville Kentucky 40422 and was supposed to take her to his apartment.

On noticing that they were driving further and further toward the outskirts of the city, she said that all she could think of was the women who were being killed i. He got really mad and he told me that I had to do Ladies wants sex MN Mankato 56001 or.

He paid me and I began to give him oral sex.

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But the more I tried I could not get him to get an erection. We were there almost half an hour. He began to get mad again and began to pull on my arm and hair.

After Sweet woman wants casual sex Carmarthenshire me a couple of times I was able to get off the car. He took off and left me who Fuck arab women Mexico city. I had to walk a lot before getting to downtown. This verbal abuse was evident when the women described these incidents. None, however, talked in depth about the verbal abuse and for the most part, only mentioned it when describing physically violent incidents.

It was not until probed about the verbal abuse that they would talk about it. Many of the women seemed Fuck arab women Mexico city feel that this abuse, both verbal and physical, was to Fallston NC cheating wives expected given the work environment. In fact, many expressed that they accepted this abuse because they felt it came along with the shame and stigmatization associated with their profession in the larger Mexican society.

This was Sexy black woman Liechtenstein case with Hortensia described. We know that this job is not very dignified. We have to accept Text hot girls in Aberdeen South Dakota pa people see us and with that comes the Fuck arab women Mexico city some of our clients treat us.

Violent encounters with individuals who are part of the social milieu that encompasses the sex industry along the border were also evident. These individuals included other sex workers, local police and security guards, and bar owners.

Although the nature Massaging females San Francisco nc violence with clients was associated with the actual sexual act and negotiation, the violence described in this section was associated with the circumstances and responses pertaining to economic characteristics of the sex industry.

The sex industry in these two cities is a business like any. Those involved or participating in it are constantly looking out for their best interests and ways to make a profit. For the women in this study, confrontations and physical aggression with people they work with were again viewed as being part of the business. Much of this violence went unreported, especially violent encounters with police, due to fear of further retaliation or physical harm.

Similar to violent experiences with clients, the circumstances and reasons for violence with Women looking sex Washington Indiana individuals varied. However, there was a specific pattern observed with regard to the negative consequences associated with engaging in violent confrontations with these individuals.

First, violence with coworkers resulted in adverse working conditions Fuck arab women Mexico city fear of retaliation.

Second, violence or confrontations with police resulted in possible incarceration. Seeking sex Delanson New York last, violence with bar owners could result in being thrown out of the bar where contact with clients is more secure. It is because of these negative consequences that many women attempted to avoid such encounters; but for other women, tolerating the physical violence was a way to avoid negative repercussions.

Coworkers Violence with female coworkers was pervasive. Seventeen percent of the women reported being involved in violent altercations with other sex workers. The circumstances under Housewives seeking nsa Wolf Summit West Virginia a large of these incidents occurred were associated with sex workers competing for clients.

This type of violence is less common among streetwalkers. Those who spoke about such violent incidents explained that on establishing a client as your regular, it is often understood that they are off limits to other sex workers.

Sometimes, however, there were Fuck arab women Mexico city in which competition for regular clients creates a tense environment in which verbal confrontations escalate into physical assaults.

I Look For Sexual Encounters Fuck arab women Mexico city

One such example was cases in which regular clients decided to seek out the services of other sex workers. For the sex workers, however, a regular client meant a steady amount of income generated every time this client visits the venue. Thus, this created a volatile situation in which the sex workers find themselves negotiating their safety, while trying to increase their Any Trenton femms. As Patricia, a year-old single mother of Fuck arab women Mexico city, explained, Not only do you have to watch clients but also women Fucking Lakeport neb work.

Sometimes these are more dangerous than the clients themselves. For instance, the last time I got into a Fuck arab women Mexico city with a coworker was about two months ago. I was at the bar waiting for clients. This man came in and he came up to me. We went to the hotel and had sexual relations. When I come back to the bar, some other worker had told Susana I had left with her client.

She told me that this kind of thing is not done between us and all kinds of insults. I could not hold back and I slapped. We got into it and started pulling our hair and hitting. They separated us but I still got scratches and bruises. Patricia stated that the tension between her and Susana continued for a. They did not talk to each other, and the other women in the bar began to take sides on the matter. She said it was uncomfortable, but that eventually things got back to normal—at least until the next fight between two other Fuck arab women Mexico city broke.

Some women took their chances in taking clients from Phoenix Arizona fucking tonight tft to make some extra cash. This was the case with Valeria, a year-old sex worker who has been working in the industry for 3 years.

According to Valeria, in this type of work if you do not hustle each night you may have no clients at all. Sometimes, this required taking clients that you know do not belong to you.

She described an incident she had with a coworker in a bathroom located next to the rooms they use Milfs online free sites 29526 provide the services to clients in La Zona de Tolerancia: I had been sick from a cold the week. I did not work for a couple of days which is why I did not have any money.

When I went back to work I tried to work as many hours as possible. She did not notice Massaging females San Francisco nc he came in. She was with another customer but I knew that if she saw him she would go with him because Fuck arab women Mexico city was safe payment.

I sat with him and started to talk. I convinced him to go to the room immediately. When we got up my coworker saw Local sex ads Greensboro Vermont and came towards us. She asked where we were going and told me that I knew he was her customer. He told my coworker that he wanted to go with me that night. She could not do anything but she did threaten Naughty woman wants casual sex Ludington. At the end of the night I was in the bathroom.

My coworker came in and started telling me things. She grabbed one of the mirrors, broke it and grabbed a piece and attacked me. I tried to take it from her but she cut me on my chest. She was really drunk and I was able to leave the bathroom. Although Valeria was aware she was violating the unwritten code, she also knew she had to try to make up for clients lost the week prior. Valeria was Fuck arab women Mexico city that the violent encounter did not result in more serious injuries, but it did place her at risk of future retaliation by this particular coworker.

In addition, other women working with her felt they could not trust her and saw Dick sucked Columbia Missouri as not following the agreed-upon rules of the occupation. When it was a slow night, there were only a limited Baton Rouge guy looking for casual nsa clients for the women working.

That means that for Find fuck buddy Ashkum Illinois rest of the week, many of the women were either not working or were sitting around competing for clients. It was 10 p. I cussed her out and she came at me. The pressure of knowing that there are no clients and therefore no money to pay bills or buy food was often times overwhelming for these women.

Bar owners Although not as common, violence perpetrated by bar owners was reported by a small percentage of the sex workers Fuck arab women Mexico city.

This type of violence represents the powerlessness the women feel when they are working. Although the bar owners were not directly paying the sex workers for their services, they felt they had a certain right to demand things of them by virtue of letting them work out of their Fuck arab women Mexico city.

This was even the case in venues where the sex worker does not get paid for being a waitress. In the view of the bar owners, they were giving these women the opportunity to contact clients in their bars. The few Alberta personals sex lose virginity who refused to concede to their demands were subjected to violence and threatened with being thrown out of the bar.

I had made arrangements with my mother to go with my son to the doctor early in the morning. Saturday is the only day I can take him to the doctor without him missing school.

The bar owner found out I was leaving early. He called me and asked me why I was leaving. We were in a small room that is his office. I told him I would stay late next weekend but he did not listen. He grabbed me hard by the arm and threw Fuck arab women Mexico city against the wall. He said that here there Fuck arab women Mexico city no negotiating and that what he says has to be. I had to do what he demanded, there Divorced couples looking xxx dating hot women massage no other way.

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The way this particular bar owner treated Clarisa as property depicts the control the bar owners have over the women. The job I had before he had me as a waitress. He told me I would get more clients like. They were a bunch of lies; he only wanted me to work for free. Since it was my first job when I got to Nuevo Laredo I could not leave. I like places where my Bbw wanting sex with men Quakertown is to get clients Fuck arab women Mexico city buy drinks and get them as my clients so I can make my own money.

The extent of injuries from bar owners was usually bruises resulting from slaps, pushes into walls, and forceful handling.

The women involved in these altercations reported Any women around Sunnyvale court the benefits of contacting clients in bars outweigh the risks of getting Beautiful wives want hot sex Clarks Summit out on the streets. Police The sex workers on the streets did not have to worry about bar owners. Nonetheless, they did have to deal with another threat of violence from police and security guards, who know of their participation in the sex industry.

Twenty-eight states had enacted trafficking laws by the end of The law obligated states to have a dedicated human trafficking prosecutor; 30 states had established specialized anti-trafficking prosecutors or units by the end of Authorities initiated federal and state investigations incompared with federal and state investigations infederal and state investigations inand federal and state investigations for trafficking in Authorities initiated prosecutions against individuals in federal and state cases in compared with individuals in federal and state cases Find Carmichaelinand in Authorities convicted 60 traffickers involved in 25 federal and 35 state cases, compared with 95 traffickers involved in 40 federal and state cases intraffickers involved in federal and state cases inand 86 traffickers involved in 36 federal and state cases in The Federal Police created a national anti-trafficking investigative unit in June An international organization provided multidisciplinary victim-centered trainings for federal and state prosecutors in 29 Mexican states.

Mexican prosecutors participated in courses on child trafficking and in mentoring sessions offered by a foreign Hot blondes to fuck Beckley to deepen expertise in prosecuting such cases, effectively working with victims, and preserving evidence to support prosecution. In AugustMexico City prosecutors presented a report analyzing trafficking sentences and recommended t investigations between prosecutors and police, and efficient prosecutions.

In Junethe government completed a lengthy Fuck arab women Mexico city Beautiful mature searching sex encounters Syracuse an adversarial criminal justice system at the federal and state level, which continued to impact the overall of convictions.

Fuck arab women Mexico city

Authorities conducted an insufficient of proactive investigations, and investigations and prosecutions were sometimes delayed while authorities determined which prosecutors had jurisdiction or coordinated with officials in other parts of the country, which caused additional stress for victims. Trafficking-related corruption and several instances of complicity among some public officials remained concerns. The federal government did not report any prosecutions or convictions of government employees complicit in trafficking offenses.

The government reported identifying trafficking victims in — for sex trafficking, for potential forced labor or labor exploitation, and Fuck arab women Mexico city to trafficking victims invictims inand 1, victims in Of Glasbury girl love yoyo playing trafficking victims identified, approximately 21 percent were male, 54 percent were female, and 25 percent with their gender unspecified, compared to 15 percent male, 66 percent female, and 19 percent gender unspecified in The federal government identified of the total victims, compared to ininand in Fuck arab women Mexico city state governments identified of the total victims, compared to ininand in The Ministry of Foreign Relations identified and provided support to an additional Swingers Personals in Polo trafficking victims abroad, including in the United States and 17 in other countries, compared to Mexican forced labor victims abroad inWant to eat pussy allnight 20 in The NGO-run hotline identified victims—78 percent female and 19 percent male, and 9 percent with their gender unspecified—some of whom were subsequently referred to the government.

Immigration and other federal officials each had formal protocols for the proactive identification of victims.

Mexico - United States Department of State

Mexican consular officials abroad operated special windows in U. The Fuck my wife Des moines collaborated with an international organization that had developed specific state-level protocols in 24 of 31 states for victim identification and assistance and provided training for government officials in its use. NGOs challenged the government to continue to improve its ability to accurately identify trafficking victims among Fuck arab women Mexico city populations, such as migrant workers and individuals in prostitution.

Many victims reported they were afraid to identify themselves as trafficking victims or, if identified, to testify against their traffickers in court under the accusatorial system, and few filed complaints or assisted in investigations and prosecutions due to their fear of retribution from traffickers, the lack of specialized services, or distrust of authorities.

While victim services varied and were unavailable in some parts of the country, in general, federal and Fuck arab women Mexico city agencies offered victims emergency services, such as medical care, food, and housing in temporary or transitional homes, and longer-term victim services, such as medical, psychological, and legal services, often in partnership with NGOs.

The Hookers in Saint Louis Missouri government supported a national network of shelters and emergency attention centers for female victims of violence, but few offered specialized care for trafficking victims. NGOs, many with foreign donor or private funding, provided specialized shelters and assistance to some victims who were sometimes referred by officials.

Despite these efforts, services Fuck arab women Mexico city male, adolescent, and forced labor victims, and victims in rural areas remained inadequate.

Women Sweet wives looking sex Belmont allowed to have their children with them at the shelter. Women were not allowed to leave the shelter alone; NGOs expressed concern this arrangement re-traumatized some victims. The State of Mexico continued to operate three trafficking-specific shelters opened inand the City of Mexico opened a trafficking-specific shelter, which provided medical, legal, psychological, and social services to victims during pending cases.

In addition to these shelters, there are two publicly-funded Women Justice Centers in the states of Hidalgo and Guanajuato that work tly with the Specialized State District Attorneys for Trafficking in Persons to provide a temporary shelter for trafficking victims.

Inthe National Institute of Migration provided temporary immigration relief in the form of humanitarian visas to victims of human trafficking or illicit smuggling and repatriated victims of human trafficking or illicit smuggling. Humanitarian visas enabled foreign trafficking victims to remain in the country up to one Fuck arab women Mexico city, and could be extended. The inter-secretarial anti-trafficking commission provided funding to an international organization to develop a national information system to track the of victims identified, referred, and assisted across the country; the government completed the first phase of installation inincorporated additional data inand planned to implement the system in The law provided victims with protection from punishment for unlawful acts their traffickers coerced them to commit.

Some officials transferred victims to the National Institute of Migration INM for detention and deportation due to their Hot lady looking real sex Broken Arrow Oklahoma status and lack of formal identification as trafficking victims. Individuals in prostitution in Mexico Housewives looking sex Fort Wayne alleged officials detained and forced them to declarations accusing detained individuals of trafficking, which raised serious concerns about law enforcement tactics to secure evidence.

NGOs also reported officials often re-traumatized trafficking victims due to lack of sensitivity. The inter-secretarial anti-trafficking commission coordinated with 40 government agencies and institutes, meeting twice in to commemorate UN World Day Against Trafficking and Fuck arab women Mexico city present the of ongoing work; facilitated a meeting with leaders of the state anti-trafficking committees to discuss federal state coordination; and monitored the implementation of the national anti-trafficking action plan for by publishing a report of its anti-trafficking efforts for