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Top 10 Cutest Dogs

We thank everyone who participated in our latest Cutest Dog Contest. Unfortunately, out of the 48 participants only 10 are moving on to the finals where you are the judge. The voting poll is located in the sidebar of the website. Voters may vote once per 24 hours. The voting period will end Friday, August 18th. So make sure to visit once per day and vote for your favorite to win!

Here are the finalists (in no particular order).


Submitted By: Caitlin Duarte

Home: Arizona

I think Candy is the cutest because… Well look at her! She always has a giant smile and brightens your day. Whenever she meets someone new she showers them in kisses and occasional ankle tickles. Everywhere we go people want to take photos with her because they always want to remember her cuteness. And I mean who wouldn’t? She loves wearing her signature bows & tutus which are part of her signature heart melting technique. If Candy isn’t the cutest I don’t know who is!





Submitted By: Ana Villareal

Home: California

He is lovely , smart .
He knows a lot of tricks . Simon is part of our family.







Submitted By: Amy Thomson

Home: Scotland

Those huge puppy dog eyes just melt your heart!!






Luna Rae

Submitted By: Eva Darias

Home: Florida

I’m a 4 month old frenchie who loves peanut butter, ice cubes, and HUMANS!!








Submitted By: Trinity Hydeman

Home: New York

Greyson is the sweetest boy I have ever met he makes are family whole with out him in are life I don’t know what I would do he loves to snuggle and crawl under the blanket as you can see even when no one is there he will throw the blanket up with his noes and burrow under it, he is also a certified service dog and helps my brother with autism







Submitted By: Michelle Monroy

Home: Arizona

Mason is the cutest because he is always smiling!! He is always happy, even though he was abused 2 years ago now he is so happy !!!!! It is amazing how a dogs life can change just with love and a best friend ( me ) haha, when I am sad or crying he is always there for me with his cutest smile!! He LOVES the camera , he always tries to do his best and be cute He’s the cutest because I love him so much and I know he loves me too He the cutest because every time I said ” do you want to go to the park ” he gets all excited and his cute face shines!!! He is the cutest because every time I said ” Mason , baby , do you love me ” he moves his tail so fast and kisses me! And obviously the most important thing, he’s the cutest because he’s with me








Submitted By: Alexandra Vazquez

Home: North Carolina

He is a little gentleman who will always ask for kisses, but look at that face you can’t resist!








Submitted By: Jill Farrington

Home: Texas

My dog is the cutest because he has the puppy dog eyes down to a T . One look into his eyes and your heart will melt. He is full of personality,sass, and a little bit of attitude. He snores loud but it is music to my ears. When it comes to facial expressions my dog has that mastered. Snuggling is one of his favorite pastimes. Crawling up into my lap with his tounge hanging out is the most rewarding part of the day. My dog even makes passing gas cute. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my dog caught my eyes the first second we met.






Submitted By: Aimee Willis

Home: Washington

Charlie is adorable! He gives lots of kisses and even when I go out to go grocery shopping, he jumps and whines like I haven’t seen him in 10 years. Charlie is the cutest because his dark brown fur is unique because it isn’t around any of his body!






Submitted By: Nick Giulietti

Home: Connecticut

Teddy is a poodle mcdoodle human like little boy who’s my best friend ever and also a great role model for every dog !







Honorable Mentions

We would give a prize to all of the contestants if we could. Here is a gallery featuring all of our adorable entries (ordered alphabetically).

  • Abby
    Abby - Steven Prom
  • Ansel
    Ansel - Catherine Walker
  • Bella
    Bella - Pat Jones
  • King Bentley
    King Bentley - Gabe Montano
  • Blackbearry and Doctor Sweets
    Blackbearry and Doctor Sweets - Crystal Hall
  • Blu
    Blu - Gabrielle Paternoster
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie - Abigail Payne
  • Charlie
    Charlie - Emily Best
  • Chico
    Chico - Melissa Bosma
  • Daisy May
    Daisy May - Emma Frinsko
  • Dolly
    Dolly - Zoey Thomas
  • Finn
    Finn - Jaden Ray
  • Jessie
    Jessie - Lisa Crisafi
  • Keno
    Keno - Ciarra R
  • Kirby
    Kirby - Jill Elkin
  • Madeline
    Madeline - Lauren Nercessian
  • Maggie
    Maggie - Kaitlin James
  • Millie
    Millie - Katie Lydecker
  • Misty
    Misty - Elise Nitschke
  • Moon Beemer
    Moon Beemer - Jenna Stevens
  • Nola
    Nola - Jasmin Perkins
  • Odin
    Odin - Ollie Pardee
  • Penny
    Penny - Libby Utter
  • P.J.
    P.J. - Bayleigh Docherty
  • Poncho
    Poncho - Sasha Hollander
  • Puff Daddy
    Puff Daddy - Chris Stevens
  • RobbyGoo
    RobbyGoo - Christy Gebo
  • Sammy
    Sammy - Judy Cassady
  • Seven
    Seven - Finna Wijaya
  • Squirt
    Squirt - Brieanna Barnett
  • Wallaby
    Wallaby - Mary Novales
  • Zeus and Yang
    Zeus and Yang - Jendayi Griffith
  • Zipps
    Zipps - Jordan Austin


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