All Dog Space Org Lands on Moon

Dogs land Dog on Moon

EXCLUSIVE – An underground group, the Flea-less Interstellar Dog Organization (F.I.D.O.) has stepped out of the shadows to unveil their successful mission. As their name suggests, not only are they completely free from parasites but the group’s main focus is interstellar travel. FIDO is making progress mirroring the successes of their human counterparts. This strategy is motivated in part by their will to not overshadow their masters’ achievements in fear of losing their “good boy” statuses.

FIDO’s president, a Chihuahua who calls himself Trevor (his master named him Paco, but he felt the name is a stereotype of his breed), broke the news to Find a Goldendoodle this morning. We were surprised to learn from him that our very own Otis has been the lead astronaut in their endeavors. Otis Myerow, an F1b goldendoodle is already a pioneer of sorts. When he was born, there were not many goldendoodles in existence. Otis’s latest feat has added to his prestigious legacy. According to FIDO, their research began roughly 46 years ago (that’s about 7 in human years). They declined any comment when asked where they meet or where they conduct their research. However, when we asked what their ultimate goal was, Paco Trevor said, “More treats.”

Trevor stated, “Being a good boy is the most important thing we know to be. We realize after years of research that the only way to get more treats is to be good boys. We originally united to solve the basic question ‘how do I get more treats?’ When we came up with the Good Boy Formula of Logic, going to space seemed like the most promising option.”

FIDO shared with us the Good Boy Formula of Logic:

Good Boy Formula

Otis Myerow: Barking Up the Right Tree

We asked Trevor why they use the term “good boy” and not “good dog”. Trevor responded, “Us canines do not concern ourselves with petty social semantics. That is the difference between dogs and humans. And we voted on it and ‘good boy’ is more fun to say. In the dog world, boys and girls both rule and drool.”

FIDO’s reason for unveiling their operation now comes as no surprise. After years of testing and several launches into orbit and back they have successfully landed Otis on the moon. What’s more impressive is they were able to land their craft (rover) on the moon and safely return to Earth all in one night while their masters slept. Now that their greatest goal has been attained they have come forward with their progress to impress their humans once and for allĀ and get their treats.

Otis Myerow Moon Walk

Rare photograph of Otis’s moon walk. (Circa: one day ago).

Otis’s master Dean Myerow was not surprised at his goldendoodle’s cosmic achievement. The entire Myerow family is proud of Otis’s historic milestones and are on the edge of their seats to see what he does next.

To keep up with Otis Myerow and FIDO’s happenings, stay tuned to Find A Goldendoodle. Also, be sure to follow Otis on Instagram. Next time bring more treats.


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  1. dean a myerow

    Wow. Dog on the moon. My man Otis you have come a long way baby.

  2. Darin

    Otis the king of A1A #BestDog


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