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Otis Myerow (@otis_doodle1), our faithful goldendoodle and family member now has his very own Instagram account! My children have taken an interest in increasing Otis’s level of presence on the internet. This website has inspired them to create his Instagram account. Using the hashtag #makeOtisFamous they hope to do just that. We plan on updating the Instagram daily so all the world can keep up on his antics. He already has over 280 followers!

I also hope that having Otis on display for all to see will help people realize how great the goldendoodle breed really is. The idea is that visitors of this blog will stumble upon our pictures and videos of Otis and help them make their decision on their next pet. That being said, we are also featuring videos of Otis on YouTube as well. He doesn’t have his own “Otis Myerow” YouTube channel yet. For now you can see him on the Dean Myerow YouTube channel. We took a video of Otis today following a trail of peanuts. It’s just a silly video.

Look out for future updates and check in on Otis. Follow Otis on Instagram @otis_doodle1 and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Dean Myerow for videos of Otis and more.

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Dean Myerow

Dean Myerow
Dean Myerow has been in the municipal bond business for 24 years and resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He likes writing and taking his dog on long walks.

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